MAISI is a fast growing brand in the UK, we are specialized in making high quality cameras only, which includes IP cameras (for home security), in-car dashcams (for vehicles), etc. All cameras are built with highest standard of chipset and components. When constructing the cameras, MAISI had everyone one in mind, including the no so tech savvy individual. All of our cameras are easy to install and setup video surveillance on every device. Meanwhile, we have excellent experience not only on products, but also on customer care. MAISI has a very friendly technical team in the UK who are always ready to serve your needs.

Customer Service

30-day money-back guarantee for any reason: If for ANY reason you are not fully satisfied with your purchase experience within 30 days, we are happy to help with a replacement or refund.

Efficient Customer Support: With your product details in our database and local team in the USA, it will take less time for us to process your request allowing our support staff to serve you in a more timely, efficient manner!

24 month warranty for quality-related issues: We provide a normal 12 month warranty. If register with us, we can extend the warratny to 24 full months of protection for your products!

This warranty DOES NOT apply to the following:

- Free products

- Commercial use

- Lost or stolen products

- Improper use or Installation

- Modifications to any part of the Product

- Purchases from unauthorized resellers

- Products that may have direct contact with skin

- Non quality-related issues (after 30 days of purchase)

- Purchases made over 12 months ago (unless otherwise stated)

- Damage due to acts of nature or God. For example; lightning strikes, tornadoes and the like